Here is a great story from Mireille Lavellee in Ottawa, ON who wears Let's Hug It Out T-shirts
I cannot even begin to tell you how much joy was brought into my life yesterday simply by wearing this T-shirt…not to mention every single person around me. 

This truly was what I needed in my life in the last few weeks and I forgot how much I had missed having fun! Maybe it was the fact that the snow wasn't going away, or the fact that there has been stress in my life and in my inner circle of friends…whatever it was I never realized how struck and overwhelmed I was. 

Thank you Matthew Britt for telling me about this and bringing the sunshine I needed this week and to all the 200 people I hugged in just one day!

Mireille Lavallee
Here at Let's Hug It Out our mission and cause is to spread hugs, positive vibes and happiness all over the world simply by wearing a t-shirt.  We love hearing stories like the one from Mireille because it just proves we are on to something.

Join us and order your Let's Hug It Out T-Shirt today so you can experience the joy like Mireille!