I like it because no matter what is going on in your life, no matter
what you're feeling, a hug makes everything better. When in doubt, hug
it out -
Christina, Barrie ON

I love the lets hug it out t-shirt because it spreads an optimistic
message to anyone I pass by! It makes me feel really happy and a
little bit "silly" on days where life is too serious!
Katie, Barrie ON

You know that rare rare day of the week. when all the laundry is done.
That magical day when any part of your wardrobe is at your disposal.
Well my first choice is my lets hug it out T!! Because I know on that
day  I will make at least One person smile!!
Thomas, Orillia ON

Everyone loves a good hug! When I wear the Let's HUG It Out t-shirt I
feel like I'm doing some good in this world and doing something to
make others happy. When asked "what do you want most in this world"
most people answer "I want to be happy". I love that I can be a part
of that happiness.
Mia, Ottawa ON

The t-shirt for me affirms that our connection to others is paramount.
I love watching people read the words and smile. The world just needs
more hugs <3
Lorraine, Barrie

"I think the necessity to hug will be lost someday if we don't do
something about it.... I love the looks, comments and hugs I get when
I wear this shirt!"
Tate - Fort Collins, Colorado

Just a happy shirt in general, gives off good vibes.
Olivia - St.Thomas On