Let's Hug It Out Co-Founder Matthew Britt with Mayor Jim Watson of Ottawa

The Let's Hug It Out co-founder, Matthew Britt, had a meeting with the Mayor of Ottawa today.  Mayor Jim Watson loves Let's Hug It Out and the mission to spread hugs, positive vibes and happiness simply by wearing a shirt.

Mayor Watson has decided he wants to join the movement and now has his own Let's Hug It Out shirt so he can join in spreading hugs, positive vibes and happiness.

Ottawa residents, if you see your mayor wearing the shirt, go on up and give him a hug and spread the happiness and hugs around your community!  


If you'd like to join this mission, go to the "join the #hugrevolution" tab on the website and we'll be more than happy to send you your very own 'happiness generating shirt' !!  

Thank you very much for your time today Mr.Mayor, and thank you so much for your support!


Let's Hug It Out


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