Towards vs. Away

Are your daily choices taking you closer to what you want, or further away from what you don't want?  This question might sound like it means the same thing, but there is a HUGE difference.  Lots of our societal focus is on 'anti' and not getting something we don't want.  We always hear about 'anti-bullying', 'walk against xyz disease', etc....but we very rarely hear about things like 'pro-acceptance' or a 'walk for great health' walk.  The fundamental difference is a philosophical one.  Let's Hug It Out is so impactful because it's not a "Let's Not Punch Each Other" movement.  We are focussing on a positive aspect, something we want to achieve, and we focus on creating a world that has more hugs, positive vibes and happiness in it, simply by wearing this shirt.  Help us spread the mission, tell your friends and post on your social media with the hashtags #letshugitout #hugrevolution #huglife !  

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Make it a great day!