Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Spread Hugs, Positive Vibes and Happiness around the WORLD simply by wearing a shirt.

By focussing on the culture that we want to create we are able to fully dedicate ourselves to helping the world be a better place.

In this world where our evening news reports are constant reminders of how horrible, dark and sad this place can be, we NEED to have reminders of how great humans can be, of how amazing this world is and how happy a simple gesture of a hug can make someone.  Hug someone today that you wouldn't normally hug, watch what happens.  It may seem a bit socially awkward initially, depending on how open they are to touch, but guaranteed they feel better afterwards.

During the growth of this mission, we've had countless stories come back about how people have been so touched by a simple hug.  

Go out and hug someone.  You may change a life, it could be yours.


#huglife #hugrevolution #letshugitout #letshugitoutkids

Join the Mission.  Buy a shirt.  Create a better world around you.