We'd like to propose a challenge.
Hug someone and try to not feel even slightly better.  Go on out into the world, hug some people and try to not have it change anything about how you feel or how your day goes.  We think it'll be really hard (basically impossible) for you do that.
Better yet, resist the urge to smile after the hug.  We think that this will also be nearly impossible.
Hugs are primal and designed to create a closer connection between the participants - we're hard-wired to have hugs make us feel better, happier and more connected.
Join us in our mission of creating a better world by spreading hugs, positive vibes and happiness around the world simply by wearing a shirt!
Go to and order yours today.
1.Put that shirt on.
2.Find someone to hug.
3.Take a pic of you hugging that person.
4.Post that pic to your social media using these hashags - #huglife #hugrevolution #letshugitout #letshugitoutkids