Amazing story of how our mission is being spread by the people that wear the shirts!  
"Front St. Toronto, met this guy walking (Tommy!) wearing a LHIO shirt, shouted "hey, I love your shirt" - Man's comments "This is not a shirt, it's a revolution, I am changing my world one hug at a time" - WOW!!
People are ABSOLUTELY LOVING this MISSION we are on to spread hugs, positive vibes and happiness around the world simply by wearing a shirt!  
Not only are they loving it and happy about it, they are telling anyone and everyone about the mission, not the shirt itself.  
To create a movement, people have to LOVE the WHY behind the product.  We know we have an extremely powerful WHY and MISSION. 
Join in on the mission, tell your friends, neighbours, co-workers, kids, parents and anyone you know about this mission, won't be long till you see it everywhere!!!
#huglife #hugrevoution #letshugitout #letshugitoutkids