Hug your kids.

Kids require hugs.  They require the cuddles and the affection.  There are many many studies out online that explain the affects of hugs on someone's system...decreased cortisol, less tension, less aggression etc, etc.  The beautiful simplicity of a hug is that it costs nothing but is one of the most powerful physical ways of showing trust, affection, love and support.  Our kids need us to show these emotions.  They're growing up in such a fast-paced, technology rich and scary world, they need all the support and love they can get from their parents/guardians.  This is maybe the most effective way of creating a healthier better future for our world.  Let's raise the next generation of kids that know what it's like to hug and be hugged, it might just be a tool that helps them live their best life, but it might also change the world's future.  Let's Hug It Out Kids!
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