Throughout our journey of searching for people and companies that have similar goals and missions as Let's Hug It Out, we've stumbled upon one that we want to share with you!  This company is all about spreading Positivity around the world!  Their powerful Mission Statement is "to build a positive community where we share our passions, successes, and joys through living genuine lives".  With a Vision "to reach out globally to help people live their MOST positive lives and to make the world a happier & loving place".  Living Positive is an online source for positivity and happiness, a collection of pictures, quotes and videos that will help you live your best life!  One line in their Facebook description that really resonated with us was "Our intention is to en-COURAGE you to shine your light and trust that all is unfolding exactly as it's supposed to! Fall madly in love with yourself."  Let's Hug It Out is based around many of these same core principles, we love seeing other people and companies out there trying to change the World for the better, one small act at a time!
Check them out and like their Facebook page, you won't be disappointed!
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To join us on our mission to spread hugs, positive vibes and happiness around the world, simply by wearing a shirt, go to and pick out your favourite shirt today!
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