We are super excited to announce that we now have an officially sponsored "Hug Ambassador" travelling the world and sharing our Mission - Spreading Hugs, Positive Vibes and Happiness around the World simply by wearing a shirt!  Mike "Hutch" Hutchison is a World traveller originally from Brampton, ON Canada and is a perfect match for helping us with our mission!  He may just be one of the most interesting people we know, travelling and living a life of a perpetual vagabond...he carries less than 90 items in a 36L pack, trusting in the kindness of others to help him on his journey!  He plans on going to every country in the world (so far having been to 130 countries!), spreading positivity wherever he goes!  He is also one of the 705 candidates for the MarsOne Mission to Mars, with over 200,000 applicants.  He's biked 6060 km across Europe, hitchhiked 2700 km north, past the Arctic Circle, completed over 200 skydives in 5 countries and 50 BASE jumps in 6 countries...the list goes on!  We'd love for you to follow Hutch on his adventures as he explores this amazing planet, spreading hugs, positive vibes and happiness around the world, simply by wearing a shirt!  
Find Hutch on Facebook as "Hutch Mike Hutchison"!
We are super excited to have Hutch as a Hug Ambassador for our mission!  Welcome to the team Hutch, can't wait to see your pictures!
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