There are 7 things that make up your mindset;

  1. The beliefs you hold.
  2. The values you lead your life by.
  3. Your expectations about your life.
  4. Your attitude.
  5. The habits you have.
  6. The decisions you make.
  7. Your patterns of thought about yourself, others and life.

Your mindset is the filter by which you interpret what you see and experience in your world. Everything in your life and all of your experiences are an exact reflection of your mindset.

Experiences and people are drawn to you based on the things you think about.

This means what happens in your life is exactly what you believe will happen.

We carry powerful magnets with us all the time...they are your thoughts. Even if we aren't aware of what our mindset is we are still attracting all the time.

I'd suggest getting a great mindset. As you improve your mindset you improve yourself, which will lead to a great life. The proper mindset is essential in success.

Your current results are a reflection of your past mindset. In order to improve your results in the future you must improve your mindset now. Your results will reveal the truth about your mindset to you.

It is necessary to take a look and review our mindset and determine whether or not our mindset supports us or limits us. If we don't, we are operating on "auto-pilot" and that is never a good way to live.

Even if we are not aware of the beliefs and mindset we're choosing, they nevertheless, cause us to live a certain way.

Our mindset is created by us, but somewhere during our life, our mindset begins to create us.

When we don't examine and question our mindset we can end up getting results we aren't happy with and not know why.  Start by being aware and open, listen to the voice in your head and from there you can make changes to improve on it.  

What is your Mindset?

All you are getting in your life is a result of what you are thinking about. What are you thinking about that is limiting your results?


One of the best ways that we know about improving your mindset comes from doing your best to help others and contribute to your community.  When you focus your attention on being a positive role model in your family and community you put yourself into a spot that nourishes the energy you have and replenishes your positive vibes.  

We at Let's Hug It Out actively working on building a community of incredible people who are all driven to make positive change in the world.  Together with these amazing people who join us we know we can make a profound impact that betters mankind and mother earth.  

Imagine just how great you'll feel when you make someone else's day better with just something as simple as a hug.

Have a great day making others lives better

Matthew Britt

Let’s Hug It Out