Let's Hug It Out co-founder Matthew Britt travelled to Montreal to see DJ Tiesto on July 5th 2015 and tried his best to get some shirts to him as recognition for his years spreading positive vibes and happiness with his music.  

Before the event we had 100 shirts custom shirts made up to give away for free to fans of the artist so they could be a part of the special day with us.  They were a massive hit!  People totally loved what Let's Hug It Out is doing and were more than happy to help us spread hugs, positive vibes and happiness around the world simply by wearing  a shirt.

As the day went on and the music blasted, more and more people joined in the party and the positive vibes went through the roof.  

We unfortunately were not able to get the shirts to DJ Tiesto this time but he is on the goals list as a person who we'd love to have represent the brand and will do everything we can to make that a reality.  

Over all the day was totally amazing, we had such a great time and so did everyone who was involved.  

We're excited to see what happens in the future!


Together we can change the world for the positive.  


Matthew Britt