One of Canada's largest Heavy Metal festivals became the site of the largest Heavy Montreal Hug. The band Exes For Eyes performed on Sunday Aug 9 at Heavy MTL and during their set they had a special moment with their fans. 

The band stopped playing, they thanked the fans and also got them rallied around the fact that all people can be amazing and everyone needs some more positive vibes and hugs in their life.  Exes For Eyes used their music and influence to create a very positive event and made more people aware of the power of positive energy.  The hug is powerful.

These men loved the mission of Let's Hug It Out and proudly wore their new shirts on stage during their set. 

 Let's Hug It Out wants to thank James Arsenian (Vocals), Dave Sheldon (Guitars, back-up vocals), Aaron Spink (Drums), Graham Porter (Bass) of Exes For Eyes for being so awesome and doing what they can to help change the world and supporting the mission of Let's Hug It Out.

Watch the Heavy Montreal Hug here


Let's Hug It Out is on a mission to spread hugs, positive vibes and happiness around the world simply by wearing a shirt.

Imagine helping change the world.

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Matthew Britt